Dream Parties

When was the last time you actually took a moment to think about what you wanted for your life?

Most people operate by shooting for a goal without being clear on what the goal is. The first step toward creating your best life, is to get clear on your vision. Once you get focused, then you can begin to develop action steps to achieve your goals. This is why vision boards are a wonderful way to get your dreams and aspirations on paper.

Get clarity on…

  • What is your ideal self?
  • Who do you want to BE?
  • What do you want to DO with your life?
  • What are the things you want to HAVE?

Life is an unfolding of experiences. You can either be active in your life’s design or you can sit back and let life happen to you. Would you rather be the driver or the passenger of your life? A vision board is a physical manifestation of your heart’s desire. Change requires action, and a Vision Board is an amazing first step.

Vision Board Home Parties are a perfect activity for a gathering of your girlfriends. Have fun and laughs with your friends while learning and creating a Vision Board of your Wishes and Dreams. And, there is no charge for the hostess.

  • The Hostess Supplies the Refreshments
  • Your Friends bring their Dreams and Creativity
  • I bring the Materials

Consider hosting a party for a special occasion.

Book Groups

Book Groups

Read a self help book and include a vision board party at your next book group.

Birthday Parties…

Birthday Parties…

For “BIG” birthdays or the “LITTLE” ones, this is a fun way to usher in a birthday by creating your vision for the next year.

Girls Night Out…

Girls Night Out…

A fun, new and creative excuse to get together.

Engagement Parties…

Engagement Parties…

A great way to celebrate the Bride to Be… a Vision Board gathering with her bridal party and close friends.

Prior to the party date, I will email each of the participants a worksheet with questions to help you begin to focus on what you would like in your future. Coming to the party with this worksheet completed, helps you get focused on the life you desire.

Parties are available in most MA and CT locations. Contact me for availability in your area.

There is no charge for hostess of the party. Hostess also receives a complimentary One on One coaching strategy session.

Let’s Get Your Party Started!!!