Love from Clients

Thank you to my amazing clients for the many kind words given to me. Here are a few I am sharing…

“Pamela is extremely organized and knows just the right questions to ask to keep me on task. We have worked together for about 6 months and I cannot imagine life without a coach anymore. To have someone in my corner that keeps me focused toward a goal and is always there to cheer me on is invaluable. When I begin to stray from the goal she gets me back on track. She has been a gift in my life.”

- T. A.

“Pam has been GREAT to work with! I worked with her in order to get my momentum moving forward on a business initiative that I've been putting off. As soon as we starting working together things started rolling for me. She helped me clear my mind and see what direction I needed to move in. She was so encouraging yet also did not let me procrastinate. She got me going, kept me on track and pushed me forward in a professional and positive way. It was an excellent experience for me- thank you Pam!!!”

- -D. B.

“Pamela is a wonderful Life Coach! She began coaching me when I was laid off from a job that was really not my passion. I am at a point in my life where my kids are mostly grown and off at college or into their own adult lives. I had been through a stressful divorce years earlier, but had been too busy making sure my kids were okay to take care of my own needs. Pamela was always prepared for our weekly sessions and made sure to keep me on track, while truly coaching me to look more deeply at what I really”

- J. M.

“Pamela Mulhearn is a great coach...she is professional, intuitive, and extremely organized. Her insight into going deeper into the meaning of an idea, problem or situation is her #1 strength! Pamela helped me create a vision for my business direction by honing in on my intentions and brought clarity where there was uncertainty. I would recommend Pamela to anyone who is looking for support and guidance.”

- M. M.

“I worked with Pamela at a time in my life when I had just finished my degree and did not know where to begin to find job. Through various exercises, I discovered what my true passion was and then we developed a plan to get me to the goal. I am now teacher and doing what I love.”

- S. R.

“For the past 2 years, Pamela Mulhearn has been an enthusiastic, dedicated volunteer to the WE CAN work support program. During this time, she has helped many women move forward with their dream of starting a business. Words echoed by our participants describing her include, "kind, supportive, compassionate, and helpful." It has trul been a pleasure to know Pamela and to have her in our WE CAN community!”

- Kara K. Duff, WE CAN Program Coordinator

Pamela Mulhearn

About Pamela

Wife, Mom of three grown children and one dog. A Life Transition Strategist who believes in planning and creating the life you want, one step at a time.