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Millennial Program 1 (MP1)

This program is best suited for High School Juniors & Seniors as well as College Freshman who are still in the process of deciding on a path of study and career possibilities.

In MP1, we will explore your strengths and natural abilities, your interests, as well as your short and long term goals. We will work together to help you get focused on these goals and then develop strategies for college and beyond. Whether you already have a few ideas on what you might want to do or you are really overwhelmed by all the options available to you, this program will allow you to begin to focus and develop a framework and a plan for your life.

When you are about to embark on paying astronomical college tuition bills, knowing what your educational goals and career and life aspirations are should be a necessary part of the process. This is the perfect time, when you are still able to adjust your sails before you get more deeply rooted into a path. The world is wide open to you, start making some plans.


Brenda was a good student during high school, but when it came to making a decision on a college major, she was struggling. She wanted either business or science, had strength in both, but was really stuck on which one to pursue. Some of the colleges she was looking at were liberal arts and offered both courses of study. Other schools were business specific and without an all-in passion for business she would have limited options.

Together we worked to uncover her interests, abilities, future lifestyle goals, passions and career opportunities. We worked on budgets (including student loan debt) and salary projections. Through this program, it became very clear to her that she needed to go to a liberal arts school that left open the option of both paths. Working together she developed a framework of her life. Ultimately she ended up going the science route and is heading off to medical school.

The Millennial Program 1 was designed specifically to help students get clear on what they want in their life. We will discover life goals, personal strengths, interests and passions. We will discuss college majors, careers, budgets, motivation, and accountability.

According to the College Board, for the 2016-2017 year, “the average price of tuition and fees at a private institution was $33,480”. Multiply that times four years and it would make sense to have a life plan and framework before you began.

Before you start writing those outrageously large tuition payments, doesn’t it make sense to be clear and focused on what you want to BE, DO and HAVE. The days of, I will figure it out when I get to college are no longer possible due to the high cost of education.

Ask yourself the following questions to identify if this program is a good fit..

  • Are you feeling stressed about What’s Next?
  • Are you uncertain of which path is best for your future?
  • Are you undecided on your course of study?
  • Are you familiar with career opportunities and salaries that are out there?
  • Are you tired of your parents asking you about your plans?
  • How would it feel to have focus and to have YOUR plan for the next few years mindfully thought out in a framework?
  • Imagine your life with goals set, and actions steps outlined for reaching those goals.

Let’s schedule a complimentary strategy session to discuss your future.



  • One on One coaching sessions by phone, or Skype™.
  • Activities and Worksheets to uncover and get clear on what is important to you for your future. This work is done independently by the student between sessions. It will then be used during the One on One sessions to get really get focused on a life framework.
  • Students are given assignments to research for careers and salaries in fields of interest. What majors and backgrounds are needed, along with Internship possibilities.
  • You will do a Budget Reality Check
  • Email support between sessions
  • Students will be held accountable to completing the independent work, scheduling coaching sessions and showing up prepared so that our One on One session will be productive.