Pamela Mulhearn

Hello, I’m Pamela.

Pamela Mulhearn is a Life Transition Strategist assisting Midlife Women and Millennial Women to navigate their What’s Next. There are obstacles of uncertainty during key transitions in a woman’s lifetime and it is easy to feel stuck and confused about which direction to take.

Midlife and an emptying nest are catalysts for change in women, but also, a fertile ground for feeling a lack of purpose. For Millennials, finding their adult path in the transition from high school to college and beyond is laced with uncertainty about what lies ahead, and where attention should be focused to reach goals.

Both Midlife and Millennial women are in amazing phases of possibility. By helping her clients to pinpoint their strengths and tame their limiting thoughts, Pamela assists women in creating focus and the answer to the question… What’s Next.

If YOU are feeling overwhelm, uncertainty and lack of direction, let’s talk about your possibilities.

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